Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis

I am an archaeologist and architectural historian, who currently teaches at The Graduate Center, The City University of New York (CUNY). My research focuses the material culture of the Roman, Late Antique and Islamic worlds, with particular emphasis on Roman gardens and architecture, the reception of ancient material culture in the United States, and Islamic Architecture.

I am an Associate Professor in the Liberal Studies and Middle Eastern Programs at the Graduate Center, CUNY, where I also serve as the Executive Officer in M.A. in Liberal Studies and direct the M.A. in Liberal Studies concentration in the Archaeology of the Classical, Late Antique, and Islamic Worlds. I also serve as the Director of Manar al-Athar, an open-access digital humanities resource for the study of the Middle East and currently I am the Chairperson of Smarthistory’s Governing Board and as the Contributing Editor for Art of the Islamic World.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis

  1. Dear ms Macaulay – Lewis, , I just finished reading your book “Bayt Farhi” and I wanted to tell you how fascinating it was . Your thorough scholarly examination of the history of the Farhi family , the Jews of Damascus, the construction , decoration , and restoration of the house in exquisite detail was enlightening . Your book is a real treasure.

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